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     Sept 2018  
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Delegates from the Academy of Politics Region II Vietnam visited NCH on 26th September 2018 to understand the grievance redressal mechanism at NCH




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The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) is the project of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration New Delhi. The web portal is the platform to record and handle grievance received at NCH. either through phone, directly on website, Consumer App, letter etc. The web chat facility is also available for consumers for any query that they may have.

NCH does the following:

Information & guidance: NCH counsels, guides and supports aggrieved consumers in getting their grievances resolved.

Alternate Dispute Redressal system (ADR): The alternate dispute redressal system has 462 companies as convergence partners. Convergence partners are across the spectrum of sectors like Banking, e-commerce, telecom, consumer electronics, higher education etc.

Big Data Analytics: Analysis of data helps in knowing trends - sector wise, time wise and the different patterns that emerge from analyzing and stratification of the data collated.

Advocacy: Based on the analysis done, specific type of grievance affecting a large number of consumers is highlighted to the organizations. Also, advocacies are brought out to sensitize Regulators and Departments on various pain points of consumers.


Training Programme on Public Administration for the probationers of Indian posts & telecommunication accounts & finance services:

Participants visited National Consumer Helpline on 6th September 2018 to understand and experience the activities carried out by NCH and the role it plays in resolving consumer grievance.

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Economic Advisor Dept of Consumer Affairs Food & Public Distribution , Govt. of India visited NCH on 24th September 2018 :

Ms Sangeeta Verma Economic Advisor Dept of Consumer Affairs Food & Public Distribution , Govt. of India visited NCH on 24th September 2018 to get a first hand feel of the activities carried out by NCH and the role it plays in resolving consumer grievances.

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Delegates from the Academy of Politics Region II Vietnam visited NCH on 26th September 2018 to understand the grievance redressal mechanism at NCH

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23rd Training of Trainers for faculty members of ATI’S/SIRD’S/ Universities/Research Institutions in Consumer Protection and Welfare :

Participants visited National Consumer Helpline on 26th September 2018 to know about National Consumer Helpline and its working.

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Jagriti’ – Empowering Young Consumers from Schools:

Jagriti’ – the consumer empowerment initiative of the National Consumer Helpline in the past few years has generally been events based – like nukkad nataks, programs in community radios, participating in melas etc. From the month of April 2018, NCH has started a half day program for empowering school students in the area of consumer protection. Young minds are impressionable and empowering students goes a long way – as discerning, responsible and alert consumers of the future.

NCH had sent out invitations to various schools to visit IIPA to see the working of the National Consumer Helpline. This would give a chance to acquaint the students on various consumer sectors.

On 7th September 2018,25 students of class( 11th &12th) from , Tagore International School, Paschim Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057 along with two teachers came to IIPA and attended the program. This was the 4th school that can visited NCH.

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The visit of two hours - from 10.00 am to 12 noon was informative and covered various consumer topics. After a one hour formal presentation on the history and background of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and sectors of interest, the next hour was a ‘live’ hearing of calls that are received, handled and redress by the National Consumer Helpline. Students were encouraged to ask questions and get queries resolved by the team of counselors at the helpline.

The presentation covered briefly the setting up of NCH facets of the Consumer Protection Act 1986, and Rights & Responsibilities of Consumers. The sectors explained were Junk Food, Legal Metrology ( Weights & Measures), E-commerce , Digital transactions and LPG. Besides informing the students, they were also encouraged to share the information ,dos and dont’s and the knowledge gathered from the visit with their parents, relatives and friends. Notable aspects were on how to check expiry of an LPG cylinder, mandatory labels on food items and pre-packaged products that should be checked ,and precautions to be taken while doing e-commerce and online transactions.

The visit ended with refreshments being served to the students and the teachers. These visits by school children have generated positive feedback.

Data for the Period 1st-30th June 2018

  • The Website registered a hit count of 2,14, 280 during the month.

  • In the month of September 2018, National Consumer Helpline registered 46,672 dockets on the portal - Out of the 46,672 dockets, 31,459 dockets were handled at Toll free number, 2140 calls were made to SMS received, and 12,518 dockets were registered on the Website. 101 grievances were reported through “Consumer App”. On the web chat facility, 1381 user’s queries were handled. On an average 60 users enquire at NCH per day through web chat.
State-wise Dockets Registered: 

The number of calls received from top ten states in descending order are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi ,West Bengal, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and Gujarat.

image loading for Percentage of calls State wise...

Major Complaint Sectors: 

Majority of the grievanes are received from sector of E-commerce, Banking, Telecom , Electronics Products , Consumer Durables and Agency services.
image loading for Percentage of calls Sector wise...

Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Companies responsible’ in resolving consumer grievances at the pre-litigation level itself, by the ‘Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism. Currently over 462 companies/ organizations are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All organisation have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

A wide spectrum of companies in sectors ranging from consumer electronics and durables to services such as Banking, Insurance, Electricity, Telecom to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Travels are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Grievances received are accessed by the nodal person (SPOC) of the company who is also responsible for uploading the responses. 18,370 grievances were registered for convergence companies.

NCH tries to resolve grievances forwarded by the Department of Consumer Affairs received on This is a Govt. of India Public grievance portal administered by DARPG for citizens to voice their grievances. In August 2018, NCH received 540 grievances during this period.

(Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Following a recent Supreme Court order, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made the long-term insurance cover for new cars and two-wheelers mandatory, and directed all the general insurance companies to offer this cover with effect from 1st September 2018.

    Third party insurance covers liabilities ,if the insured's vehicle is responsible for an accident which results in injury to or death of a third party. In this case, the insurance company pays the third party on behalf of the insured.

    Now the consumers need to be aware that the third-party liability only policies would be for three years for cars and five years for two-wheelers.The regulator has, however, given the insurers the liberty of providing comprehensive insurance policies of the entire duration of three and five years for cars and motorcycles. They can also provide a combination of one-year comprehensive plan and long-term three and five-year third-party liability cover.

    (Compiled by Mr. Prabhat Kumar, Sector Expert: BFSI -Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

  • How much Brown is your Brown Bread !

  • Bread and its diversified products like bun, pav, fruit bread etc. are extensively consumed by people of all age groups in India, owing to their taste and easily digestible nature. Increasing awareness among consumers and rising health-consciousness has encouraged the use of bread made out of whole wheat flour.

    Brown bread as the name depicts does not always contain the goodness and nutritional value of whole wheat flour. It may also be manufactured using only maida along with some food color. Consumers have an illusion that brown bread is made out of whole wheat flour leading to brown color. The scientific fact is as follows:

    1. Brown Bread may be prepared from a mixture of wheat atta, maida, water, salt, yeast or other fermentative medium. The brown color is attributed due to the use of caramel color.

    2. Bread which contains whole wheat flour is enriched with the goodness of fiber present in bran (Chokar in hindi). The color of the bread may be white or brown as per the ingredients added.

    3. While buying bread consumers must check for the ingredients list to get the benefit of whole wheat fibre. Whole wheat flour may be present in brown or white bread normally ranging between 40-50%.

    4. FSSAI had issued gazette notification in September, 2016 prescribing the revised list of food additives and prohibiting the use of Potassium bromate in any of the food product. So always check for the presence of Potassium bromate in the ingredients list. International numbering system of Food additives (INS) as defined by Codex Alimentarius had assigned INS number for each food additive. INS 924 technically corresponds to Potassium bromate and the same should be absent in the ingredient list.

    5. Potassium iodate is approved by FSSAI as an food additive in bread with a technical INS number – INS 917.

    6. Bread is a perishable commodity with a small shelf life with in seven days. So check for the USE BY DATE before consuming the product.

    In case of any grievances found consumer can contact :

    Tier I: Nodal Officer / Customer care of the company

    Tier II: Commissioner of Food Safety of the State / Union Territory

    Tier III: Central Food Authority, FSSAI

    Compiled By: Dr. Mamta Prajapati,(Food) Sector Expert

  • Meter bar used for measuring length of products

  • Meter bar is used measurement of cloth, electrical wires , components, and other products. Consumer may suffer for loss due to wrong length measurement.

    Mandatory declarations on the meter bar:

    • Declaration of max capacity and graduation, trade mark & on the length measure. Marking of graduations other than metric system is treated as non standards length measure.

    • Arrow marks at the both ends of the meter bar is used for cloth measurement.

    • Sealing & Stamping stud, (Block A/B/C/D; Inspector Code, Year) at one end of tape/ meter should be visible.

    • The meter bar should not bent intensely by the trader to cheat the consumer.

    • Graduations should be in SI system (metric) on the meter bar.

    • Full visibility of arrow marks at both ends of the meter bar made of steel.

    • The ends of meter bar should not be rubbed to reduce the length of meter by trader.

    • Validity of verification, sealing & stamping of the length measure is 2 years.

    • The cloth should not be stretched by trader towards the meter bar to reduce the length of cloth purchased.

    If any violation is observed, the consumer may contact ----

    • Tier-I : Nodal officer ( Inspector (LM) / ACLM / DCLM / CLM) of the Legal Metrology Department of State / UTs of the local area.

    • Tier–II : Dist. Consumer Forum / State Commission / National Commission.

    (Compiled by Mr. J. N. Prajapati, Sector Expert: Legal Metrology)


    National Consumer Helpline 
    Centre for Consumer Studies , Indian Institute of Public Administration
    Toll Free :
    14404 , 1800-11-4000 (All days -09.30 AM to 05.30 PM )
    SMS can also be sent to +918130009809 (charges apply) mentioning the name and city .
    You can also register your complaint on mobile application "Consumer App" of Department of Consumer Affairs and website

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