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Issue No:9/IIPA   
September 2015
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    Participants of the Training Programme for members and President of District Consumer Forum of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh organised by Centre for Consumer Studies at IIPA visit NCH on 3rd Sep 2015 .



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    You are reading of the Ninth issue of Year 2015.

    National Consumer Helpline : a project of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India, operates from the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), as part of the Center for Consumer studies (CCS). CCS acts as a ‘think tank’ and knowledge partner of the Department of Consumer Affairs for research and policy related issues on consumer protection and consumer welfare. The Centre keeps abreast of the long- term policies to position itself as a major contributor to the identification of issues and priorities as well as solutions to ensure better protection of consumers.


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    NCH in the Press – Times of India on 9 Sep 2015 had published an article based on complaints received at NCH for a wide spectrum of industries including Telecom.

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    Participants of the Training Programme for members and President of District Consumer Forum of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh organised by Centre for Consumer Studies at IIPA visit NCH on 3rd Sep 2015.

    • In September 2015, the dockets made/ updated from calls, SMS and complaints received online at NCH website were 17209 out of which 9447 calls were handled at the Toll free number and 7762 complaints were reported on the NCH - Online Complaint Management System.

    • The NCH Website has registered a record hit count of 6, 55, 986 in September.. This is the highest number of visits that we have had up till now in any month. There were 59,879 'unique' visitors to the website, and on an average, each visitor spent around 6.14 minutes. Complaints registered on the website for various products and services were 7762. Complaints received on the website are responded to by companies on the NCH online complaint handling module in the website itself as well as by Outbound calls.

    • In September 2015, Consumer detriment has been computed at Rs. 25, 18, 74, 031 for 5514 dockets. This is calculated on the basis of average value in each sector.

    • Convergence :The Grievance Resolution Management System of companies, who have registered with NCH voluntarily. Complaints sent to these companies were 5735. Responses to 4635 complaints were received from Convergence companies in the month. Total responses directly from consumers and companies are 4718.

    • Dipstick Feedback on responses from Convergence Companies: : A quick survey randomly done with complainants who have received a resolution from the Convergence Company and are satisfied averages 71%.
    • .
    • Counselling Satisfaction Index: The feedback scores of the counseling services provided by NCH is 4.,where 5 stands for very satisfied and 1 stands for extremely dissatisfied.
    Geographical Distribution: 
    The numbers of calls received from top five states in descending order are Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Haryana.

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    Major Sectors: 
    The top five sectors for which calls were received are – Consumer Durables, Telecom, E-Commerce, Banking and DTH/Cable.
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    Consumer Detriment:
    The top five sectors, which account for higher value of estimated consumer detriment, are in descending Order – Real Estate, Automobiles, Consumer Durables, E-commerce and Education. Consumer Detriment totaled Rs. 25,18,74,031. The other sectors estimated are: Insurance (Life, General, Health), Medical Negligence, Banking, Travel & Tours, Legal, Postal, Electricity, Telecom, LPG/PNG, Cargo/Courier, Legal metrology, Railways, Drugs & Cosmetics and Food safety.
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    Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Corporate responsible" in resolving consumer grievances. NCH has created an alternate redressal mechanism for resolving consumer complaints. Currently over 200 companies are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All companies have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

    A wide spectrum of sectors ranging from consumer durables (Air conditioner, Mobile Handset, Television, apparels, footwear manufacturers) to services like Banking, Insurance, electricity, telecom companies to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Holidays are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Complaints received are uploaded on the website and nodal person (SPOC) at each company is responsible for uploading the responses. Responses received were for 4635 complaints. Feedbacks of 83 complaints, not part of ‘convergence’, were received directly from the complainants.

    Evaluation of Responses from Convergence Companies

    The dipstick feedback, which has now been implemented for more than a year, has yielded an average of 71% resolution of satisfied complainants. A dipstick feedback is a quick survey, which gives a general feel rather than statistical probabilities. At NCH, we randomly call up complainants whose problem has been responded to by the Convergence companies to ascertain whether the feedback given by the company on the complaint is corroborated by the complainant and the complainant is satisfied. In case he still wants to move to the consumer forum, he is guided to do so by NCH. The resolution sector wise is as follows;-

    image  ...

    NCH takes feedback from callers to assess the counseling services provided. Feedback helps in developing inputs as it gives the complainants perspective. All callers who register their email id receive a feedback questionnaire within one working day of the call being made to NCH requesting them to evaluate their experience of the counseling service.

    On analysis of 175 responses, Consumer satisfaction averages 4 out of 5 for the month of September 2015, where 5 stand for very satisfied and 1 stands for extremely dissatisfied.

    Words of appreciation
    (reproduced as received)
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    (Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • Improper care of Elevator causing death to a person. It is a service under Consumer Protection Act says NCDRC

  • National Commission held ‘YES’ in spite of the fact that no consideration was paid by the complainant for any services. This is a case titled P.G.PAI v/s Care Elevators ENGG. Co. Ltd &others wherein National Commission went into details of each party’s role and responsibility towards public at large. Also the interpretation of section 2 (o) of consumer protection act which is inclusive and not exhaustive as held by Hon’ble Supreme Court in number of judgments. ‘Services’ means services of any description which is available to potential users as facilities in connection with other number of services to consumers such as banking, education, insurance etc. etc. In this judgment,‘includes’word had been the target for the court to elaborate.

    Kingfisher Airlines Ltd had office in Bhagwati house in Mumbai having taken on lease The building was being managed by Bhagwati house.The lifts were installed by OTIS Elevator Company and upkeep of lifts was assigned to Care Elevators and ENGG. Co. Ltd.The said lift went out of order on 10.5.2015 and a report in this regard was lodged with Opposite Party 1- Care Elevators at 10 am. But Roshan Pai entered the lift without knowing about fault, it abruptly moved without closing doors .He got stuck in the lift with his neck and head inside the lift and rest of the body outside the lift. He was declared dead later.

    The question here was –

    i) Why there was no warning about elevator out of order.

    ii)Why inbuilt locking system did not work which prevents lifts to start unless doors are closed

    TRIG Security agency, opposite party -2 was responsible for putting up notice of warning which was not done in this case and it allowed to happen this incident. Further this fact was also established during the course of proceedings that mechanics of the security agency had also disabled inbuilt locking system of the lift whereas the system was very much there and properly installed by OTIS, Opposite Party-4. Hence, no negligence on the par of OTIS found.It was checked in details the provisions of clause 18 of Indian Standards of ElectricTraction Lifts which requiresthat every lending door, shutter,or gate shall be equipped with electro-mechanic lock which shall prevent lift from moving while landing door, shutter or gate is open , there was no allegation against Opposite Party -4 OTIS for not providing this system

    Hence Opposite Party-1,Care Elevators operating agency & TRIG Security agency ,Opposite Party-2 security agency were found at fault and deficient in services.

    Complainat in this case was father of deceased Rohan Pai, who had not paid for the services of maintenance of the lift but some one was paying for the services and it was not free of cost. Providing lift in a multi-story building would amount to providing services to the visitors,employees and permitted persons to the building. Lift is a necessary element for a multi storey building and providing this service as facility is otherwise also an essential facility without which the building will not get completion certificate nor it would become fit for occupation for effective use. Hence element of paying consideration for lift services was met by others and a visitor was considered potential consumer.

  • Scheme & benefits of Mudra Bank

  • MUDRA Bank stands for Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank. It is under Small Industrial Development Bank of India.

    Benefits: This collateral free loan will help the development of Small Entrepreneurs, especially in the remote areas. It will also generate self-employment. The growth of Small entrepreneurs, in turn, will be helpful in the sustainable growth of the Indian Economy.

    SCHEMES Offered by MUDRA Bank:

    Currently, the Scheme is offering three types of loans:

    • Shishu : This is targets the Starters and the amount will be up to Rs 50,000.00.

    • Kishor : This is for the mid-level organizations. The lending amount here is from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs.

    • Tarun: This is for the Next Level organization, helping them to grow. The lending amount will be from Rs. 5.00 Lakhs to Rs.10.00 Lakhs.

    These lending will be Free of Collateral Security, and it will be available at most of the Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks, and NBFC-MFIs. For details and list please visit at


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