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Issue No:3/IIPA   
Mar 2017
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95th OTP:Orientation Training Programme .




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Jago Grahak Jago


You are reading of the third issue of Year 2017.

The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) is a project of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs and operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies at Indian Institute of Public Administration. Keeping in view the increasing demand of NCH services by consumers, the Department of Consumer Affairs in October 2016 increased the capacity of NCH, and, at present 60 telephone Lines are available to consumers to login their complaints.

The web portal developed by NIC is being used to record and handle complaints received at NCH. In addition “Consumer App” has also been launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs through which complaints can be registered on the portal. Convergence Companies have also got login credentials to redress consumer complaints on the portal itself. Department of Consumer Affairs launched the web chat facility on World Consumer Rights Day ie15th March 2017 for user’s queries and complaints.

- Alternate Dispute Redressal system (ADR): NCH provide a digital platform to 230 convergence companies for resolution and redressal of customer complaints, as per the policy of the company. Industry interactions are platforms for open communication.

- Information & guidance: NCH provides information to consumers on Products, Services, Company addresses, Ombudsman, Regulators and consumer forums. Counselors of NCH provide information as per the stage of the complaint – Tier 1, 2 or 3. Information is also provided for standards Hallmark, ISI etc and other services like RTI, PAN card, UIDAI, Financial Inclusion programs etc.

- Data Analytics:Analysis of data helps in knowing trends - sector wise, time wise and the different patterns that emerge from analyzing and stratification of the data collated. The problems and gaps that emerge through analysis are highlighted to the Department of Consumer Affairs by NCH.

- Advocacy: Based on the trends that emerge, specific type of complaints affecting a large number of consumers NCH highlights to the organization and to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and the information is shared with consumers on various platforms.


Visit of Research Scholars from the Department of Public Administration Panjab University.

42 Research Scholars from Department Of Public Administration Panjab University Visited National Consumer Helpline on 2ndof March 2017, to know about National Consumer Helpline and its working.

image ..

95th OTP:Orientation Training Programme .

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95th Orientation Training Programme was for Presidents and Members of District Consumer Forum .The participants visited National Consumer Helpline on 24/3/2017 to understand and experience the activities carried out by NCH and the role it plays in resolving consumer grievance.

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  • In the month of March 2017, National Consumer helpline registered 38,468 dockets on the Website - Out of 38,468 complaints, 27,184 complaints were handled at Toll free number, 1134 calls were made to SMS received, and 10,441 complaints registered on Website, 67 complaints were reported through “Consumer App” .The web chat facility launched on World Consumer Rights day has also generated a lot of interest, and around 220 user’s are contacting NCH per day through Web chat,and 3306 users queries and complaints were handled in the month.

    Convergence: 13004 complaints were registered against Convergence companies and 7265 responses were received from them.The NCH Website has registered a hit count of 2,09,212 during the month.

  • CPGRAMS complaints:NCH also responds to complaints forwarded by the Department of Consumer Affairs received on This is a Govt. of India Public grievance portal administered by DARPG for citizens to voice their grievances.
Geographical Distribution: 
The numbers of calls received from top ten states in descending order are Uttar Pardesh,Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh ,Karnataka ,Gujarat,West Bengal,Haryana and Bihar.

image loading for Percentage of calls State wise...

Major Sectors: 
The top five sectors for which calls received are e-Commerce,Telecom, Banking, Electronics Products and Consumer Durables (Including graph)
image loading for Percentage of calls Sector wise...

Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Corporates responsible’ in resolving consumer grievances at the prelitigation level itself,by having an alternate redressal mechanism . Currently over 230 brands are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All companies have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

A wide spectrum of sectors ranging from consumer electronics and durables (Air conditioner, Mobile Handset, Television, Apparels, Footwear manufacturers) to services like Banking, Insurance, Electricity, Telecom companies to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Holidays are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Complaints received are accessed by the nodal person (SPOC) at each company who is also responsible for uploading the responses. 13004 complaints were registered against convergence companies and 7265 responses were received from them.


(Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • Financial services: Unified Payment Interface(UPI)

  • UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It is an advanced version of IMPS {Immediate Payment Service}. The UPI app is part of the Reserve Bank's initiative to promote a cashless society.The main aim of UPI is to make Fund transfer easier. UPI is useful because it removes the need of adding Payee detail. An individual is obliged to create a Virtual Payment Address or a VPA, in order to receive and send payments in this new system.It is beneficial to the Users of the Apps as they are able to avail services such as Mobile Recharge; DTH retail, Paying utility bills; and so on. Also, the User will be able to send payment to their friends and family members using this App. These transactions/ transfers happen 365 days a year 24 X 7.

    National Payment Corporation of India { NPCI} has launched the UPI services . Till now, 29 Banks have participated in this new system and out of the 29 Banks 21bank have been given the green signal by NPCI to publish their UPI-enabled apps. Until now 15 bank have already published their app.

  • Legal :Supreme court to rescue of Flat owners-Can now jointly move to National Comission against Realtors
  • In a recent order dated, 21st February,2017 in the matters filed by the flat owners of Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd the Supreme Court has come to the rescue of the flat owners .It has clearly laid down that flat owners could join hands to directly approach the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) against realtors.

    Section 11 of the CPA lays down the Jurisdiction of the District Forum to entertain complaints where the value of the goods or services and the compensation, if any, claimed ''does not exceed rupees twenty lakhs. The section 17 of the act lays down the Jurisdiction of the State Commission to entertain complaints where the value of the goods or services and compensation, if any, claimed exceeds rupees twenty lakhs but does not exceed rupees one crore; and Section 21of the said Act lays down the Jurisdiction of the National Commission to entertain complaints where the value of the goods or services and compensation, if any, claimed exceeds rupees one crore. Therefore ,as per the Consumer Protection Act, a complaint can be filed in NCDRC directly only if the cost involved is more than Rs 1 crore; otherwise, complainants begin at the district consumer forums. Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd had taken shelter behind this rule to plead that 43 flat buyers, who had together moved the Apex forum against it, were disqualified from filing such a joint plea before the NCDRC. The 43 buyers had complained against delay in handing over possession of their flats. The builder’s plea before the Bench comprising of Justices Dipak Misra, A M Khanwilkar and M M Shantanagoudar was that the cost of each flat was way below Rs 1 crore, thus the owners were individually ineligible to approach the NCDRC directly. "By joining hands, they have shown that the cost of their flats was above Rs 1 crore to maintain their plea in NCDRC, which was against the rule," the builder's counsel argued before the Apex Court.However, the Bench headed by Justice Misra saw through the problems faced by the flat buyers and the builder's intention, which was to make the complainants approach district consumer forums and then the state consumer forums before finally coming to the NCDRC. The Bench understood that this was a bid to tire out flat owners and buy time for completion of delayed housing projects.

    Earlier, Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd had taken shelter behind this rule to plead that 43 flat buyers, who had together moved the Apex Consumer forum against it, were disqualified from filing such a joint plea before the NCDRC. However, on 30th August,2016, NCDRC member Justice V K Jain had ruled in favour of the 43 flat owners in said housing project and had held that they could form an association to achieve the pecuniary limit of Rs 1 crore for approaching the NCDRC directly. Justice Jain had said, “Once it is accepted that a consumer complaint on behalf of more than one consumer can be filed by a recognised consumer association, it can hardly be disputed that it is the aggregate value of the services which has to be taken for the purpose of determining the pecuniary jurisdiction of the consumer forum before which the complaint is filed.” Referring to the 43 flat owners’ joint plea through an association, the NCDRC had said that if the aggregate value of services in respect of the flat buyers, on whose behalf this complaint was filed, was taken, then it exceeded Rs 1 crore and hence NCDRC has jurisdiction to entertain their plea.

    The SC's rejection of Amrapali Sapphire Developers' technical plea has come as a boon to middle-class flat owners, who find it easier to come together to fight rich realtors who have deep pockets and employ top lawyers to find legal loopholes to frustrate flat allottees from making claims against them.


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