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     Feb 2018  
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100th Orientation Training Programme for President and Members of the Jharkhand District Consumer Forum




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The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) is a project of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration New Delhi. The web portal is the platform to record and handle complaints received at NCH. In addition, ‘Consumer App’, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, can be used to register complaints. The web chat facility is also available for consumers for any query that they may have.

NCH does the following:

Information & guidance: NCH counsels, guides and supports aggrieved consumers to get their complaints resolved.

Alternate Dispute Redressal system (ADR): The alternate dispute redressal system has 398 companies as convergence partners. Convergence companies have got login credentials to redress consumer complaints on the portal itself. Convergence partners are across the spectrum of sectors like Bank, e-commerce, telecom, consumer electronics, higher education etc.

Big Data Analytics: Analysis of data helps in knowing trends - sector wise, time scale wise and the different patterns that emerge from analyzing and stratification of the data collated.

Research & Advocacy: Based on the analysis done, specific type of complaints affecting a large number of consumers is highlighted to the organizations. Also, advocacies are brought out to sensitize Regulators and Departments on various pain points of consumers.


100th Orientation Training Programme for President and Members of the Jharkhand District Consumer Forum – Participants visited National Consumer Helpline on 21st February 2018 to get a first hand experience of the NCH operations.

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On 23rd February 2018 a lecture by Dr Amit Singh from Center for Urban studies ,IIPA delievered lecture to the NCH team on the occasion of Swacch Bharat pakhwada

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Data for the Period 1st-28th Feb 2018

  • The Website registered a hit count of 2,13,960 during the month.

  • In the month of Feb 2018, National Consumer Helpline registered 33,852 dockets on the portal - Out of 33852, 22,738 complaints were handled at Toll free number, 1,882 calls were made to SMS received, and 9644 complaints were registered on the Website. 143 complaints were reported through “Consumer App”. On the web chat facility, 1503 user’s queries were handled. On an average 88 users are making enquires at NCH per day through web chat.
State-wise Dockets Registered: 

The number of calls received from top ten states in descending order is Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat.

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Major Complaint Sectors: 

Majority of the complaints were received from e-commerce, telecom, banking, consumer electronics and agency services sectors.
image loading for Percentage of calls Sector wise...

Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Companies responsible’ in resolving consumer grievances at the pre-litigation level itself, by the ‘Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism. Currently over 398 companies/ organizations are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All companies have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

A wide spectrum of companies in sectors ranging from consumer electronics and durables to services such as Banking, Insurance, Electricity, Telecom to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Holidays are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Complaints received are accessed by the nodal person (SPOC) of the company who is also responsible for uploading the responses. 15,648 complaints were registered for convergence companies and 8,143 (i.e. 52%) dockets were responded with in the month.

NCH responds to complaints forwarded by the Department of Consumer Affairs received on This is a Govt. of India Public grievance portal administered by DARPG for citizens to voice their grievances. In Feb 2018, redressed 355 complaints till 28th Feb 2018.

(Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • ENSURE the Motor Vehicle Claims are lodged in time, but do not lose hope ….

  • Though the owner has to intimate the insurer immediately after the theft of the vehicle, this condition should not bar settlement of genuine claims, particularly when the delay in intimation or submission of documents isdone late due to unavoidable circumstances.

    The regulator, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) also observed that claims were being rejected by the insurers on the ground of delayed intimation and submission of documents.

    However, The Supreme Court bench observed recently that, the condition regarding the delay shall not be a shelter to repudiate the insurance claims which have been otherwise proved to be genuine. The Supreme Court also added that the decision of the insurer to reject the claim has to be based on valid grounds and rejection of the claims on purely technical grounds in a mechanical manner will result in loss of confidence of the policy-holders in the insurance industry.

    It is also necessary to state here that it would not be fair and reasonable to reject genuine claims which had already been verified and found to be correct by the investigator, the bench said.

    The court also reiterated that the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) aims at providing better protection of the interest of consumers and it is a beneficial legislation that deserves liberal construction. The laudable object of COPRA should not be forgotten while considering the claims made under the Act, the bench said while setting aside the National Commission order.

    Therefore , the owner should intimate the insurer immediately after the theft of the vehicle, however, if the claim is rejected for the reason of delay in filling the claim; then repeal in case of genuine delay .

    (Compiled by Mr. Prabhat Kumar, Sector Expert: BFSI -Banking, Financial services and Insurance)

  • Food Safety Display Boards (FSDB)

  • Consumers always try to find out the mandatory FSSAI license no. whenever visiting a restaurant or any other shop selling food item. Most of the times it is displayed in the corner or, at a place not easily visible to the consumers, as black and white laminated photocopy unreadable to the person entering the premises. Now a consumer can easily find out the FSSAI license no. displayed clearly on the Food Safety Display Board (FSDB). FSSAI had launched FSDB of specified colors according to product being sold from the food premises on 23 august, 2016. Some big corporates have volunteered to display the board. In order to promote and ensure food safety in the country, the apex body had introduced Food Safety Display Board (FSDB) at each FBO (Food Business Operator) premises (Jan 19, 2018). FSDB allows clear presentation of registration / license number as specified by FSSAI for the FBO whether small or big.

    Features of FSDB
    • FSSAI License No. / Registration No.
    • Color Code for different sectors
    • Food safety and hygiene practices to be followed by FBO
    • Consumer feedback details for concern, feedback, queries

    FSDB are an essential requirement at retail stores, milk and dairy booths, fruit and vegetable retail shops, meat shops, liquor shops and at places where cooked food is served like Cafe and restaurants. A minimum one FSDB of A4 size is to be displayed in the premises. If the board is not visible to consumers and food handlers, more than one FSDB could be displayed. It informs the consumers, food safety handlers and regulatory staff about the food safety and hygiene requirements. In Delhi such display boards are easily visible at some Booths selling milk products, fruits and vegetables. Detail description of Blue and Green FSDB designed especially for milk, fruits and vegetables respectively is given below.

    In case of any discrepancies found consumer can place a complaint as per given hierarchy –

    Tier I: Customer care in case of brand owners like Mother Dairy
    Tier II: Commissioner of Food Safety of the State / Union Territory
    Tier III: Central Food Authority, FSSAI

    Compiled By: Dr. Mamta Prajapati,(Food) Sector Expert


    National Consumer Helpline 
    Centre for Consumer Studies , Indian Institute of Public Administration
    Toll Free :
    14404 , 1800-11-4000 (All days -09.30 AM to 05.30 PM )
    SMS can also be sent to +918130009809 (charges apply) mentioning the name and city .
    You can also register your complaint on mobile application "Consumer App" of Department of Consumer Affairs and website

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