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Issue No:02/IIPA   
February 2016
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Shri Anil Bahuguna, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Consumer, Food and Public Distribution visited NCH on 12th Feb 2016 and was explained the functioning of NCH. .



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You are reading of the second issue of Year 2016.

National Consumer Helpline - a project of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies at Indian Institute of Public Administration. The Project recognizes the need of consumers for a Telephone Helpline to deal with multitude of problems arising in their day-to-day dealings with business and service providers. NCH is mandated to support consumer by:

- Alternate Dispute Redressal system (ADR): Guide consumer on how to get their grievance redressed. Also forward complaints to 200+ convergence companies for resolution and redress, as per the policy of the company. Industry interactions are platforms for open communication.

- Information & guidance: provide information to consumers on products, services, company addresses, ombudsman, Regulators and consumer forums. Counselors provide information as per the stage of the complaint – Tier 1, 2 or 3. Information is also provided for standards( Hallmark, ISI) and other services like RTI, PAN card, UIDAI, Financial Inclusion programs.

- Advocacy: Based on the analysis of data of calls at NCH and trends that show up specific type of complaints affecting a large number of consumers is highlighted to the organization and to DCA, and the information is shared with consumers on various platforms.


Mr. Sanjeev Talwar, Senior Counsellor, NCH presented a paper titled ‘Consumer Complaint Redressal: The role of National Consumer Helpline’ in the National Seminar on ‘Empowering Consumers in Globalizing India’ organized by Cordia Group of Institutes, Sanghol, Punjab on February 5-6, 2016.

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Shri Anil Bahuguna, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Consumer, Food and Public Distribution visited NCH on 12th Feb 2016 and was explained the functioning of NCH.

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Ms. Deepika Sur, Project Manager- National Consumer Helpline chaired a session in the National Seminar on Consumer Protection: New Age Challenges organized by National Law University, New Delhi on February 19- 20, 2016.

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National Consumer Helpline organized a conference with Industry Associations for increasing the companies under Convergence programme on 24th February 2016. Delegates from ASSCOM, FICCI, CII and PHD Chamber of Commerce attended.

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  • In February 2016, the dockets made/ updated from calls, SMS and complaints received online at NCH website were 16,849 out of which 12, 752 calls were handled at the Toll free number and 4097 complaints were reported on the NCH - Online Complaint Management System.

  • The NCH Website has registered total 4097 complaints regarding various products and services. Complaints received on the website are responded to by companies on the NCH online complaint handling module in the website itself.

  • Consumer Detriment :In February 2016, Consumer detriment has been computed at Rs. 35, 11,50, 343 for 5975 dockets. This is calculated on the basis of average value in each sector.

  • Convergence : The Grievance Resolution Management System of companies who have registered with NCH voluntarily. Complaints sent to these companies were 5399. Responses to 3771 complaints were received from Convergence companies in the month. Total responses directly from consumers and companies are 3874.

  • Counselling Satisfaction Index:The feedback scores of the counseling services provided by NCH is 4.10 out of 5. The score reflects well on the services provided.
  • .
  • PG Portal Complaints :Over the last two months, the helpline has been responding of queried forwarded to it by Department of Consumer Affairs on PG Portal ( on regular basis. This is a Govt. of India Public grievance portal administered by DARPG for citizens to voice their grievances.
Geographical Distribution: 
The numbers of calls received from top five states in descending order are Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Rajasthan. Delhi again captured the first position.

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Major Sectors: 
The top five sectors for which calls were received are – Consumer Durables, E-Commerce, Telecom, Banking and Automobiles.
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Consumer Detriment:
The top five sectors, which account for the estimated consumer detriment, are in descending Order – Real Estate, Automobiles, Consumer Durable, e-Commerce and Banking. Estimated Consumer Detriment totaled Rs. 35, 11, 50, 343. The other sectors estimated are: Legal, Medical Negligence, Insurance (Life, General, Health), Airlines, Education, Travel & Tours, Postal, Electricity, Telecom, LPG/PNG, Cargo/Courier, Legal Metrology, Railways, DTH/Cable, Drugs & Cosmetics and Food safety.
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Counselling Satisfaction Index:
NCH takes feedback from callers to assess the counseling services provided. Feedback helps in developing inputs as it gives the complainants perspective. All callers who register their email id receive a feedback questionnaire within one working day of the call being made to NCH requesting them to evaluate their experience of the counseling service.

On analysis of the 126 responses received Consumer satisfaction averages 4.10 out of 5 for the month of February 2016, where 5 stand for very satisfied and 1 stands for extremely dissatisfied.

Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Corporate responsible’ in resolving consumer grievances. NCH has created an alternate redressal mechanism for resolving consumer complaints. Currently over 200 companies are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All companies have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

A wide spectrum of sectors ranging from consumer durables (Air conditioner, Mobile Handset, Television, apparels, footwear manufacturers) to services like Banking, Insurance, electricity, telecom companies to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Holidays are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Complaints received are uploaded on the website and a nodal person (SPOC) at each company is responsible for uploading the responses. Responses received were for 3771 complaints. Feedbacks of 103 complaints, not part of ‘convergence’, were received directly from the complainants.

Words of appreciation
(reproduced as received)
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(Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • NCDRC judgment on the calculation of rate of Interest on Investment found wrong by Postal department deficiency.

  • This was RP No 1573 of 2013 from the order dt. 16.1.2013 from Rajasthan State Commission which was finally decided by National commission on 7.8.2015. The issue was –Investment in NSS found wrong because as per Post Office Manual VOL.1, RULE 156 an individual depositor like complainant can open only one NSS account all over in India. District forum at Jaipur had made an observation-

    “according to the above submissions ,we find that it was the duty of the complainant to disclose the fact with regard to earlier account number opened by the complainant .According to the above said rule and submitting false declaration by the complainant we do not find any deficiency of services on the part of the respondents/opposite party “

    On the other hand complainant states that he is a consumer and at the time of opening the account the rules were to be followed by the respondents and the same have not been disclosed to the complainant .Hence rate of interest on another NSS as saving account is not acceptable to him.

    Complainant went in Appeal to State Commission .State commission was of the opinion that opposite party has to prove that complainant has made false declaration 16 years back. Department could have closed the account or give notice to the complainant to this effect .This fact stands not proved that complainant was aware of the rule at the time of opening an account When case comes before the National Commission ,opinion of two Members differs . Hon’ble Member Sh Vinay kumar is of the view-

    On the point that one individual can open only one account under rule -4,the same rule cast duty upon the department to take undertaking from the account holder that he is not maintaining any other account under the scheme There is nothing on record that such undertaking was taken. Complainant’s case is that he was never informed that second account was not permissible .Hence there is no deliberate intention to cause deceit to the respondent .Hence complainant entitled to full rate of interest under NSS Scheme.Justice K.S Choudhuri found complainant had not come with clean hands, hence set aside the order passed by State Commission Alwar which was passed in favour of complainant.

    The matter was now referred to third independent judge Sh. Ajit Bhariok who discussed the law connecting to this case for reaching to some logical conclusion. After going through the entire set of papers and issue in dispute, it is held by the commission now that-opening of two NSS accounts under the scheme by an individual is not permissible as per rule of NSS Scheme 1987.The complainant has opened second NSS in different post office that does not change the rule or status of deposit. This was also an argument that opening two NSS are not barred but benefit under the scheme shall not be given on second NSS, hence it was not the duty of staff to close it or give notice or to remind every depositor about wrong done by him.

    Another issue was as to whether awarding compensation for deficiency in service on the part of department was justified .It was made clear that awarding compensation to be paid by the department for no wrong done is also found not justified. Hence it is clear now that it is the depositor who has to understand rule, terms and conditions before making investment.


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