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Consumer Velocity @ NCH
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Issue No:4/IIPA   
Apr 2017
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22nd April Doordarshan broadcasted ‘Aapki Baat’




To seek information, advice and guidance on consumer problems

National Consumer Helpline

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1800-11-4000, 14404

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Editor in Chief:
•Prof. Suresh Misra

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•Mr. G. N. Sreekumaran

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• Ms. Deepika Sur
• Ms. Sunita Manik

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• Mr. Prabhat Kumar
• Ms. Payal Choudhry

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• Mr. Ashish Kumar Gaur

Jago Grahak Jago


You are reading of the fourth issue of Year 2017.

The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) is a project of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs and operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies at Indian Institute of Public Administration. Keeping in view the increasing demand of NCH services by consumers, the Department of Consumer Affairs in October 2016 increased the capacity of NCH, and, at present 60 telephone Lines are available to consumers to call and register their complaints.

The web portal developed by NIC is being used to record and handle complaints received at NCH. In addition “Consumer App” has also been launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs through which complaints can be registered on the portal. Convergence Companies have also got login credentials to redress consumer complaints on the portal itself. Department of Consumer Affairs launched the web chat facility on World Consumer Rights Day ie 15th March 2017 for user’s queries and complaints.

- Alternate Dispute Redressal system (ADR): NCH provide a digital platform to 230 + convergence companies for resolution and redressal of customer complaints, as per the policy of the company. Industry interactions are platforms for open communication.

- Information & guidance: NCH provides information to consumers on Products, Services, Company addresses, Ombudsman, Regulators and consumer forums. Counselors of NCH provide information as per the stage of the complaint – Tier 1, 2 or 3. Information is also provided for standards Hallmark, ISI etc and other services like RTI, PAN card, UIDAI, Financial Inclusion programs etc

- Data Analytics:Analysis of data helps in knowing trends - sector wise, time wise and the different patterns that emerge from analyzing and stratification of the data collated. The problems and gaps that emerge through analysis are highlighted to the Department of Consumer Affairs by NCH.

- Advocacy: Based on the trends that emerge, specific type of complaints affecting a large number of consumers is highlighted by NCH to the organization and to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and the information is shared with consumers on various platforms.


Big FM broadcasted ‘Bano Fool Proof’ on 1/4/2017

Big FM celebrated 1st April as ‘Bano Fool Proof ‘. For this, NCH team members has recorded a small program for creating consumer awareness and imparting information on how NCH guides and assists aggrieved consumers. This program was on consumer rights and responsibilities and redressal for various types of issues faced by consumers in different sectors like Banking, e-commerce, Food Safety and Real Estate. It also discussed prepurchase tips for consumer to be taken care of while purchasing products/Services.

11th Training of Trainers: VCO/NGO’s in Consumer Protection and Welfare visited NCH on 6/4/2017

11thTraining of Trainers Programme was organised for Heads and Members of VCO/NGO’s .The participants visited NCH on 6th April to know about National Consumer Helpline and its working.

image ..

On 22nd April Doordarshan broadcasted ‘Aapki Baat’

On 22nd April a programme on Consumer Awareness entitled ‘Aapki Baat’ was broadcast by Doordarshan.It featured the NCH Project Director Professor Suresh Mishra and NCH team member Ms Seema Mishra & Apoorva Singh.

image ..

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NCH in the Press: On 30th April Times of India published an article on NCH reproduced below.

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  • In the month of April 2017, National Consumer helpline registered 36,277 dockets on the Website - Out of 36,277 complaints, 24,484 complaints were handled at Toll free number, 1299 calls were made to SMS received, and 10,296 complaints registered on Website, 196 complaints were reported through “Consumer App” .On the web chat facility From 1st April to 31st April 2017 ,5106 user’s queries and complaints were handled.On an average 222 users are contacting NCH per day through web chat Convergence: 14405 complaints were registered against Convergence companies and 7202 responses were received from them.The NCH Website has registered a hit count of 2,12,416 during the month.

  • CPGRAMS complaints:NCH also responds to complaints forwarded by the Department of Consumer Affairs received on This is a Govt. of India Public grievance portal administered by DARPG for citizens to voice their grievances.
Geographical Distribution: 
The numbers of calls received from top ten states in descending order are Uttar Pardesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh ,Gujarat,Karnataka, Haryana and Bihar.

image loading for Percentage of calls State wise...

Major Sectors: 
The top five sectors for which calls received are E-Commerce, Telecom, Banking, Electronics Products and Consumer Durables (Including graph)
image loading for Percentage of calls Sector wise...

Besides consumer awareness, NCH also works towards 'making Corporates responsible’ in resolving consumer grievances at the prelitigation level itself, by having an alternate redressal mechanism . Currently over 230 + brands are listed under the ‘convergence’ programme. All companies have partnered with NCH voluntarily.

A wide spectrum of sectors ranging from consumer electronics and durables (Air conditioner, Mobile Handset, Television, Apparels, Footwear manufacturers) to services like Banking, Insurance, Electricity, Telecom companies to diversified sectors such as Automobiles, Courier, Tours & Holidays are all ‘convergence’ partners of NCH. Complaints received are accessed by the nodal person (SPOC) at each company who is also responsible for uploading the responses. 14405 complaints were registered against convergence companies and 7202 responses were received from them in the month.


(Recent announcements in Consumer Interest)

  • Do’s and Dont’s related to BANK MITRA / Banking or Post Office Correspondents

  • Do’ s

    • Hand over money only to the authorised agent /CSP/ BC appointed by the competent authority
    • Ensure validity of the agency before transacting through an agent/CSP/ BC
    • Get the counterfoil of the Bank’s pay-in-slip at the time of handing over money/cheque
    • Ensure correctness of the information filled in the prescribed form for opening of account
    • Ensure receipt of pass book from the agent within 7-10 days from the date of handing – over of money.
    • In case of non-receipt of pass book from the agent within 7-10 days from the date of investment, lodge a complaint for the same with the Appointing Authority / PSU Bank Manager
    • Preserve counterfoils of the Pay-in-slips –till entries are made in the Pass-book.
    • For investment / FD over and above Rs 10,000, issue only an account payee cheque drawn in favour of concerned Bank
    • Invariably verify the correctness of the amount, date, stamp, signature etc. mentioned in the pass book from the concerned Bank time to time

    Do Not

    • Hand over cash to any unauthorized person
    • Issue a cheque in personal favour of an agent / BC
    • Issue a bearer cheque.
    • Fill/sign the withdrawal form before hand
    • Forget to report any lapse on the part of agent/ BC to the appointing authority/Post Office / Bank/Insurance Company.

  • Filing of a Consumer Complaint before the Consumer Fora
  • A person has to satisfy the following conditions in order to be a CONSUMER:-

    • The person must have purchased goods for some value i.e. he must have paid or promised to pay money

    • A person who has not himself purchased the goods but who uses the goods with the approval of the buyer is also a consumer

    • A person should not have purchased the goods for Resale or for Commercial purposes. But a person buying goods for Self employment or for earning Livelihood is A Consumer.

    Before formally filing a Consumer Complaint, Consumer should give notice to the opposite party of the fact of any deficiency in service or of unfair trade practice etc to see if the trader is willing to make good the loss suffered by either replacing the commodity or returning the value of the purchase. If yes, the issue resolves then and there. But if the trader refuses or neglects here that the consumers needs to approach the Consumer Court.

    There is no need to engage the services of any Advocate and one can file ones own complaint and can also appear and Argue ones own case before the Consumer Fora. The consumer protection Act has provided a very simple procedure to file the complaint that even a layman who is not from the law background, can file the complaint of his own. There is no requirement of any court fee to be paid at the time of filing any complaint in the Act.

    A Complaint needs to be filed naming the opposite parties clearly alongwith their correct Addresses to ensure timely delivery of notices sent by the Court. The Claim in the complaint must be supported by copies of the documents as Annexures and in the prayer the complainant may submit the relief claimed alongwith the compensation and litigation expenses,if any. Three sets of the entire documents including the complaint plus the complete sets for the opposite party/parties need to be submitted at the time of filing and one set has to remain with the complainant for his reference.

    The Act provides for limitation period of two years from the date of cause of action. In case there is delay in filing the complaint, the delay needs to be explained, which can be condoned by the Tribunal. An affidavit along with the complaint needs to be filed stating that the facts as brought out in the complaint are true and correct. The said complaint will be taken up by the Consumer Court within 21 working days of the filing of the complaint.

    However, the complaint before the Consumer Fora , needs to be made with due care since under Section 26 of the Consumer Protection Act,1986 it has been laid down that where a complaint instituted are found to be frivolous or vexatious, it shall, for reasons to be recorded in writing, be dismissed and the complainant can be fined for an amount not exceeding ten thousand rupees, or as may be specified in the order.


    National Consumer Helpline 
    Centre for Consumer Studies , Indian Institute of Public Administration
    Toll Free : 1800-11-4000 or Short Code : 14404 (All days -09.30 AM to 05.30 PM )
    SMS can also be sent to +918130009809 (charges apply) mentioning the name and city .
    You can also register your complaint on mobile application "Consumer App" of Department of Consumer Affairs and website

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