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NCH Methodology: The Ten Steps :

NCH Methodology: The Ten Steps
First Step:
All complaints received at NCH are divided into sectors such as Legal, Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Electricity, Transport, and Postal/ Courier etc.

Second Step:
Experts from various sectors support the backend action at NCH. Sector In-charges

Third Step:
Training Sessions: The counselors who attend to the customers’ calls are trained covering:
• Topical developments in the sector
• Sector news
• Sharing of data/information
• Regulatory guidelines
• Addressing Queries of all the counselors
• Flow Chart of the hierarchy involved in redressal at the company and regulator level.

Fourth Step:
Quiz Programmes are organized on a weekly basis by the experts in order to assess the working knowledge of the counselors and to sharpen their skills. These are held on a sector wise basis e.g. Banking, Electricity, Telecom etc. The winners name & photograph is put on the notice board with the caption ‘Winner of the Week’.

Fifth Step:
Interactive Sessions: These are held regularly so that the counselors are kept updated and abreast of the developments. Not only are redressal systems of companies understood and data obtained but attempts are made to build relationships with these companies.

Sixth Step:
Quality control: Responses given by the front end Counselors on complaints received at NCH are scrutinized, studied and audited by various sector in-charges and advise the respective counselors on the improvements needed in respect of the quality of the responses given by them to the complainants. Similarly, the counselors also list issues/points on which they need clarification from the experts on a daily basis. The calls, which are complicated in nature and require expert advice, are referred to the sector in-charge for advice. The quality control steps are entered into the respective registers, which are put up at the month end to the Principal Investigator.

Seventh Step:
Data Up gradation: The various sector in-charges collect and collate data/information concerning various companies/ institutions in their sectors. This complements the efforts of the Research Associate whose work is to dedicatedly obtain/search/ update/verify addresses/phone numbers of companies, regulators, redressal authorities.

Eighth Step:
Sector In charges-Reporting System: All sector in charges are required to submit a fortnightly report, in respect of the work assigned to them.

The Six Sigma approach
• Quality Control
• Advocacy/ Other Correspondence
• Interesting /Success Stories
• Training/ Interactive Sessions
• Data up gradation /inputs
• Others (Press Conference, Seminars, Meetings)

Ninth Step:
Counselors-Weekly Reporting System: All counselors are required to submit a weekly report which measures the entire gamut of activities conducted by them during the week.

Tenth Step :
Advocacy: Articulation of consumer pain points to the regulators/ government agencies concerned in different sectors.
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